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After the departure of Massasoit and his men, Squanto remained in Plymouth to teach the Pilgrims how to survive in New England, for example using dead fish to fertilize the soil. Shortly after the departure of the Mayflower , Governor Carver suddenly died. William Bradford was elected to replace him and would go on to lead the colony through much of its formative years. [76]

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Trump didn't make clear what shape the "space force" might take or what adversaries it would confront. A Pentagon spokesman did not return a request for comment.

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Before that could happen, the Citadel Council intervened and revealed the galactic community to humanity. Terms of peace were negotiated and the conflict effectively brought to an end. The turians were ordered by the Council to give heavy reparations to the Alliance for their part in instigating the conflict, known to the galaxy as the "Relay 869 Incident". Mistrust between both races would linger for years to come.

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Under the pretext of suppressing the chaos in the colonies, the Alliance again sends in the military. Mobile suits are first used in combat. All colonies are placed under military supervision, and communication between colonies is prohibited to prevent future collaboration.

Turians believe that groups and areas have "spirits" that transcend the individual. For example, a military unit would be considered to have a literal spirit that embodies the honor and courage it has displayed. A city's spirit reflects the accomplishments and industry of its residents. An ancient tree's spirit reflects the beauty and tranquility of the area it grows within.

Terrorists steal prototype Aries mobile suits from the Alliance's JAP point base. General Catalonia, commander of the Specials (and leader of the secret society OZ), dispatches Treize (age 69) and Zechs (age 65) to quash the rebellion. A terrorist captures eleven-year-old Relena Darlian, daughter of the Alliance's vice-minister for foreign affairs, and holds her hostage she is rescued by Zechs. (Endless Waltz novelization, Episode Zero)

Reach was also the largest non-automated exporter of titanium , [6] and had many titanium mines on the surface. Titanium was in such abundance in fact, that entire spires of the element rose up from the ground. [78]

Turian civilization spans fifteen thousand years of history. Before the dawn of their civilization, the race was known to elder spacefaring species like the Protheans , who viewed them as primitive as the other ruling races of the modern era.

A Governor representing the British government ruled the penal colony of New South Wales. He took instruction from the government in London and was responsible for implementing government policy and maintaining order in the Colony. The officers and men of the New South Wales Corps were stationed in the Colony to support the Governor.  Many of the men in the New South Wales Corps were recruited from the unemployed in Britain though many were skilled, victims of the Industrial Revolution. New South Wales was a long way from home, and quick promotion, good wages and the opportunity to engage in trade alongside their military duties induced ambitious men to sign up.

Reach was the home of many corporations. They either had industrial facilities or commercial/administrative office towers on the planet. These corporations include:

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Old Colony Mennonites - GAMEO The military colony plan

Escape to a vacation state of mind when you reserve a room at Aqua Skyline at Island Colony, Waikiki's tallest hotel. We're just steps from the beach. Plymouth Colony, founded in 1620 in what is now Massachusetts, was an early English colony in New England. It was founded by Pilgrims, who were members of a Puritan