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Treatment and Therapy - Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

Publication date: 2018-04-21 14:04

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Patients with chronic nerve pain may suffer from sleep deprivation or mood disorders, including depression and anxiety. Because of the underlying neuropathy and lack of sensory feedback, patients are at risk of developing injury or infection or unknowingly causing an escalation of an existing injury.

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Where is there a doctor that will prescribe methadone because all the doctors i have seen either see it as out of the question or give a low very low dose

List of Pain Medications (553 Compared)

Good comment. MS Contin comes in a vast variety of strengths starting as low as 65mg and going up over 755mg, so you can find the right strength for you. A Fentanyl Patch may also be a good move. It comes in 9 strengths and you change the patch (applied right to the skin) every 8 days For breakthrough pain, Percocet 65/875 or even Roxicodone 5mg, 65mg, or 85mg is a solid idea. All Roxicodone is, is Oxycodone made by Roxanne labs (they have the patent I guess) which is immediate-release in the strengths above with no APAP (Acetominophen/Tylenol) in them (like Lortab, Vicoden, Percocet and any of their generics,) so it doesn t hit your liver nearly as hard..

Neuropathic Pain Types, Medication, Treatment & Symptoms

Methadone patches?i thought i knew all about methadone!this is a guess in some states its u were on oxycotin & u found out yeard later u were addicted?i feel that when u r dealing with severe or chronic pain & u have to take opiates u know that u r going to be people like myself that will have 7 be on opiates for the rest of my life thats my least long as i donnt over take it whats the point of coming off opiates then getting back on?how were u able to come off methadone?did u use saboxone?im asking cause ive been having some problems with the drs here & i wanted to know incase that time comes where i might run into problem.

I ve been on Lortab 65 for approx 75 years due to many conditions but it hasn t really helped for a long time even with upping the dose, added soma & Valium to relax muscles. Have had over 77 surgeries & now have a very high tolerance dura grain patches work--but who can afford them? I also know how bad all the lortabs are for liver etc but what else can you do? People need to realize when you have severe chronic pain you usually develop a tolerance not get addicted--I have no withdrawals if I run out of meds due to money--I truly just suffer

Honey, Percocet and Lortab are essentially the same drug, w/lortab being slightly stronger thant the percocet depending on how prescribed. Know what you are speaking about prior to answering a question so you do not end up w/all those thumbs down, which nobody enjoys getting.

One formulation removal is not the end for chronic pain patients. IMO you will get something different and perhaps better. I would gander that formulation is easily converted to an injectable drug and abused,
the earlier versions of morphine sulfate were easily converted to heroin and injected.
A pain management clinic can tell if a patient is converting their MS to heroin and injecting it.
The specimen need only be less than 79 hours old to make this determination,
I am not sure, but I will check and see if this formulation is listed as the top Rx in the diversion category.
They simply cannot make anything fool proof, just as something was put together, there is a way to take it apart,

But chronic pain is different for everyone and the medications affect individuals differntly. You need to talk to your DR., and again I do suggest a pain specialist, and develop an individual plan based on you, your needs and you health history.

Many patients are concerned about addiction. Addiction is a confusing word, in that it has two meanings: physical addiction and psychological addiction.

Roxi IS percocet, aka oxycodone. 65 or 85 mg. is simply a stronger dose and it has no buffers. You were all correct on the Lortab being closer to vicoden than to percocet, i was thinking of the Lorecet they used to prescribe that came in 755 mg., which was stronger than Percocet, my apologies for the mistake, also, there are ways to reply to comments w/out being rude, i think everyone on here has made at least one mistake with the exception of a few people. And yes, I agree with the gentleman who asked why aren t you speaking with your Dr. regarding this? With 56 or so answers, it might be difficult to know which one was the right one, meaning, there is none, ask your physician.

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Treatment and Therapy - Over-the-Counter Pain Medication Pain medication with no tylenol

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