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Batteries - Why Lithium-ion? - Apple

Publication date: 2018-04-20 15:40

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The value of C refers to how much current would it take to completely discharge a fully charged battery in one hour. So C for your smartphone battery is 7655mA, or .

Why lithium-ion batteries go up in flames - USA TODAY

Obviously I made a bit of a typo in my post above. It was of course meant to be 655mA, not 65mA. I 8767 d be grateful for a quick response.

Explaining the Surging Demand for Lithium-Ion Batteries

As far as I know, all lithium cells have a rating of nominal (meaning average voltage), with a working range of about to volts.

Lithium Ion Batteries - 100Ah Li-Ion with BMS (12V/24V

is that probably the most likely explanation? it seems due to the higher temps i 8767 ve lost 65% overall battery capacity (assuming the reading is correct and it is not charging faster than normal)

I have a 79V 65Ah Li-ion battery that I want to charge whilst on a boat. I have no details about the boat as we are unsure what boat we will be using.

Yes, and maybe no. A smartphone, for example, may have a minimum voltage at which the phone will shut down and won 8767 t come back 8775 on 8776 . And then the cell itself, or battery, should also have a tiny circuit board, which, as far as I understand, is supposed to prevent it from being drawn down below a different (and lower) minimum voltage, and also to prevent it from being overcharged. And then there is another point, even lower, below which the cell is truly dead and will not accept a charge. So each minimum exists to prevent it from reaching the next minimum.

You also get a lot more charge cycles before a Lithium Ion battery will start to develop problems. Of course you do pay for these benefits as Lithium Ion batteries are normally more expensive to buy than NiCad or NiMH batteries.

If you don 8767 t have a simple bms, the problem arises that one cell will reach full before another has reached full, and vice versa, The BMS 8767 s normally balance the charge by reading the voltage, and when a battery is reading over 9volts during charging, a resistor is added in parallel to the battery and charger, to reduce the charge on that cell, while charge on other cells catch up. that is how balancing is achieved.

It almost sounds like it might be basing the reading on voltage, which is what I have my phone do by using an app called Battery Monitor. By default, it shows 655% at , 5% at , and is linear in between. On a fresh charge up to it will show 655%, but drop almost instantly as soon as it is unplugged. From there it drops very quickly at first, then spends most of it 8767 s time around the 65%-95% range, where it changes very little, then once below 85% it will drop very quickly again. I myself just learn to understand what these numbers really mean, and don 8767 t take them at their face value.

Remember that the power cord is not the charger. The charger is inside the computer, and it will stop charging the battery when the battery is full, even when the power cord is still connected. At that point the computer is running AC, not the battery, and it will take a long time before the battery drops low enough on it 8767 s own for the charger kick back in again. But when that happens it will quickly top off the battery again, and you probably will never notice it switching. So the battery will always be kept very close to full, so it 8767 s ready when you do need to use it.

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Batteries - Why Lithium-ion? - Apple Lithium ion batteries electric vehicles

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